What is Nourish Yoga and Insight Center? NYIC is a sacred space for re-sensitization. It is a portal for people to learn the peace of  yoga,  contemplate truth through meditation and access the higher self through the healing arts.

NYIC provides the opportunity  to nurture multidimensional health and explore the subtle pleasures that result from living at a high vibration.

 NYIC is home to “Nourish Yoga” a Yogic practice developed by Kelly Patterson to reacquaint you with your fully integrated,  balanced human expression. 


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Kelly Patterson, Founder

Eric Patterson, Founder

"I have found Kelly to be extremely intuitive and knowledgeable. She has given me many helpful suggestions for better health including a very beneficial cleanse program. Her intuitive bodywork is outstanding as well as her cranial manipulation. She enriches not only the body but the mind and soul as well!”
~ML. N. Kennebunkport, ME
" I chose to try Shirodhara and I am still reaping the benefits a week later. I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing to a depth that I have never felt before. The flowing oil and warm stones provided a deep sense of comfort and peace.
As a working mother in a fast paced world trying to achieve balance, I have ben searching for a method that lasts longer than a day. I can honestly say Shirodhara is that method and was a tremendous benefit to me. I quickly felt the space being created in my head as the concerns and "to-do" lists were being lifted. The session was deep and has helped me reset my pace. I am more mindful of the moment and committed to a newer, calmer existence."
~ S.S. Waterboro, ME