Fire Works

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Opening June 2 


Just before 4 in the afternoon, an art studio engulfed in flames.  It was March 4, 2017, a bitterly cold and windy day in Ellsworth, Maine.  The studio belonged to Eric Patterson  (Gray), an artist who just moved to the area.  The Ellsworth Fire Department was on the scene just after 4.  They took axes out and acted forcefully and quickly to get into the building to put the fire out.  In the heat of the moment several firemen paused to save art. 

Fire Works is the inaugural show of NYIC: Nourish Yoga and Insight Center. It will not only commemorate these pieces but the value of art; objects to be saved from a burning building.   Of the over one thousand paintings that were in the studio (Patterson’s entire ourvre), only 7 paintings survived intact that day.  This is a show of those 7 paintings.  Nothing brings these paintings together other than they were done by Eric Patterson and they were saved by the firemen from the burning building. 

In gratitude and in honor of Chief Tupper and the City of Ellsworth Fire Department, half of the proceeds from the sale of these paintings will go to the Rescue Tool Reserve Account of the City of Ellsworth Fire Department.