Kelly Patterson

                                  RYT CPP CHC LMT 

Kelly holds certifications in Holistic Health Counseling, Polarity Therapy, Sacred Stone Healing and Cranio-Sacral Manipulation. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Conscious Channel, Registered Yoga Teacher and Licensed Massage Therapist.  She has been developing her intuitive abilities and practicing  healing body and energy work professionally since 2001.

Her interest in the healing arts began at age 15, when under the care of a naturopathic physician she was able to avoid surgical removal of her tonsils. This experience sparked within her a deep fascination with holistic healing and the  mind/body connection; how they affect and inform each other and what it truly means to heal and embody health.

This exposure led her to explore the subtle, esoteric, mystical and spiritual aspects of healing. Quickly captivated by the richness of the  inner landscape, she delved deep into contemplation through meditation and devoted herself  to cultivating connection to the higher mind and the Cosmic/Source/Angelic Realms. She enjoys these bliss frequencies every day in her personal meditation practice. 

Along her path of healing and teaching she has studied nutrition, yoga, body and energy healing (specifically modalities that focus on the nervous and endocrine systems), herbal medicine, the power of breath and subtle vibration through meditation and mindfulness. She has apprenticed  with many gifted teachers and healers and is guided by inspiration and curiosity. 

Kelly found yoga in 2009 and quickly took to this form of moving meditation. Falling in love with the lucidity gained on the mat and seeking a deeper understanding of the yogic lifestlye, she enrolled in the Nataraja School of  Yoga.  Kelly became a certified instructor in 2011 and has been teaching ever since.  She is struck on a daily basis by the transformative power contained within this  ancient discipline.

Her goal is in this work is to to help you release limiting physical, psychological and energetic habits  to reveal your higher potential. She seeks to support your transition into self-actualization; helping you become fully aware of  how conscious thought and chosen perspective shape experience and increase quality of life. 

As a Conscious Channel, Kelly connects with Source energy as well as to individual Angelic and Spiritual Guidance to bring forth insight and spiritual wisdom. This objective vantage point offers  information specific to your current process and provides  solutions that change negative habits and patterns. The information received will help you let go of the past, guide you on your path into the future and enjoy what is now.  

 As she works with her students and clients,  her embodied knowledge makes her a dynamic and empathic healer. Her teaching style is grounded and practical and her message  accessible to everyone. As a skilled energy reader she has a gift for translating complexity into simple terms.

Kelly leads workshops on Nutrition, Energetic Healing, Meditation and Yoga at the NYIC studio.  She offers  private healing sessions her office (as well as distance/remote sessions) and provide wellness coaching to individuals and groups (corporate wellness programs are available).