Vibrational Healing


Vibrational Healing


Everything around us is made of and radiates energy. This includes our bodies, which have subtle energetic currents running through them (known in acupuncture as meridians), as well as extending beyond them. These pathways carry innate intelligence, the cosmic wisdom that forms life in the woom.

Free flow of these streams is important in sustaining health as they stimulate and nourish our endocrine glands, nervous system and every cell in our body (see links to read my article on Vibrational Healing). 

These pathways are heavily influenced by our thoughts and emotions and can become blocked as a result of past negative experiences and perspectives. 

A Vibrational Healing session quiets the mind and clears any blocks in these circuits “turning on” your bodies ability to heal itself and removing cellular memories that disrupt your emotional balance.

The result is a clear head, a strong immune system and the ability to engage life with your full potential.

This treatment speeds recovery from injuries and illness, balances moods and hormones and allows you to let go of unsupportive habits to function with more peace and creativity.

To facilitate this I combine energy healing techniques with Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Physical Intuition, Polarity and Nutritional recommendations. During a treatment I scan the body and energy field for blocks and free up the flow.

I use crystals and sound to clear and align your chakras and subtle energy bodies, as well as channel information and specific vibrations from your Guidance. I send you home with notes containing their messages (some people like to record the reading on their i-phone). 

What to expect:

You lie fully clothed on a table in the beautiful, light filled healing space. I use touch of varying pressure to clear the fascia (myo-fascial release) adjust flow of fluid in the spinal column and align the chakras. Through touch on the head and feet (opening important meridians/energy centers) I can strengthen pranic flow to the organs and endocrine glands.

Though physical and emotional releases is typical during a treatment (laughing, crying, trembling or sweating), you will feel soothed throughout the process.

Expect to get up from the table with a feeling of deep calm, free of physical pain and a heightened sense of clarity. This session will allow you to tap into higher frequencies to experience greater flexibility (of mind AND body) for increased levity and contentment with life. This is the perfect session to bring greater harmony into your experience. 

Sessions last 50-65 minutes depending on individual needs 

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