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MEDITATION: Spinal Breathing Pranayama

Spinal Breathing Pranayama (SBP) is a simple way to quiet the nervous system and provide a foundation for deeper meditative practices. We cannot all together stop our thinking but we can focus on the breath and slow down those thought waves to alleviate anxiety and increase joy. SBP provides a sweet and easy entry point into the health giving world of inner stillness. 

This breath sequence is the perfect beginning exploration into meditation (for new practitioners) or can be added to any seated practice you may already have. SBP will increase the vital live force in the body and gently awaken your intuition and the huge storehouse of prana near the base of your spine.

Increase patience, focus, equanimity and clarity through this simple and accessible practice. Learn how easy it is to purify your spinal nerve and pave the way for self actualization and enlightenment (or simply to like your family more;)!

We will begin with a short (30 minute) yoga asana practice to prepare the mind for our sitting meditation.  ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!

Cost: $35

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